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Questions Every Company Should Answer

While these questions were intended for companies interested in venture capital, I believe these questions are great for all companies to consider.

Questions to Prepare For:

1.    How does your company fit into the industry?

2.    What are the major obstacles to your success?

3.    How did you figure the size of your market and its growth rate?

4.    What makes your company different?

5.    What value do you provide that isn’t already available to your customers?

6.    What factors most affect your profitability?

7.    What barriers of entry do you possess?

8.    How will you establish brand-name recognition?

9.    How will you keep someone with a lot of money from taking over your market?

10.  What is the profile of your end user?

11.  What motivates you?

12.  What advantages do your competitors have?

13.  What reaction do you anticipate from your completion?

14.  How do you intend to acquire market share?

15.  How important is advertising?

16.  How do you plan to fill staffing requirements?

17.  What makes you lose sleep?

18.  What is the life cycle of the product?

19.  What other products do you anticipate developing?

20.  How do you compete in terms of price, performance and support?

21.  What alternate suppliers are there?

22.  What new capital expenditures will be required?

23.  Will your present facilities accommodate expansion?

24.  How much more financing will you require beyond this round?

25.  What is your exit strategy?

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