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Bringing the WOW back to your business!

Why did I choose this tagline?  Because I have witnessed that overall  people are not happy at work.  They have lost the spark they once had.  They find their work a dreary place instead of the place of opportunity.  I experienced this myself in my workplace.  What was once a joy is now pure drudgery.  I know all of us want to love our job, or at least not HATE it. 

It is my belief that you can get back the spark.  It’s like any relationship.  Once you know what you are doing the magic disappears and you have to fight harder to find the mystery.  I also believe that some people are stuck in a rut and don’t realize with some small changes they can make their day much better.  I am skilled at seeing trends and efficiencies that help the processes go faster.  Sometimes it takes an outside person to come in and see the whole process in order to suggest ways to make it more efficient so your time is spent on the activities you enjoy, instead of being weighted down by extreme amounts of paperwork or repetitive work you don’t enjoy.

Looking at your workday with a fresh perspective sometimes is all you need to see where the bottlenecks are.  Pay attention to when you are in the “flow” – that state when time flies and you are having fun, when you don’t want to stop what you are doing until you are done, and not for any other reason that you are enjoying yourself.  Maybe it’s a spreadsheet for you, customer support, or a report you especially enjoy.  Look for those times.  The more you look the more you will find the joys that make your work-world a better place.

Once you know your “flow” states try to incorporate more of them into your day.  I am a big fan of strengths and allowing them to dictate your activities.  I know weaknesses cannot be ignored, and really should not be.  You should work to overcome obvious flaws that are work related.  If you are deficient in a subject learn more about it.  That is easy and should allow you a greater enjoyment of the task.  For example, if spreadsheets scare you take a class and get familiar with the technology.  Once you do, it won’t be scary anymore and you will start to enjoy them!  But weaknesses only take you so far.  Strengths are the ones that really matter.

Your personal strengths are unique to you.  They are what make you who you are and you should make every effort to use them as much as you possibly can.  Maybe you are in a job that isn’t suited to you.  Before you make your life and everyone’s around you miserable see what you can do to bring in some of the tasks you love.  Be creative.  Find out what others do and see if you can do some of their work.  Often times we are afraid of asking others for help, when in reality, most people are flattered and thrilled to offer assistance.  Don’t overdo it of course!

When you reach out to other people you make new connections and prove to your employer that you are interested, engaged and willing to do more.  You may also find that the grass is not always greener on the other side.  But you did it while you still had a job and that is a far better lesson to learn then quitting in frustration.


“I just started my business, I don’t have the money.”

If you are business owner, don’t be afraid to let people help you.  I know we want to do it all, but realistically no one person is good at absolutely everything.  If doing your books gives you a migraine hire someone else to do them!  If you don’t have the money yet, consider a trade.  It is amazing what we can work out when we want to.  All it takes is communication. There are many would-be entrepreneurs that would love to learn from you. Take advantage of your experience and teach others while they help you.


“I am overworked.  I don’t have time.”

I know a lot of you think there is no time for any of this.  You are too busy and your workplace is not open to sharing jobs, or you don’t have time to do any of this because you are overloaded as it is.  But the time you spend finding out ways to make your work life more bearable is priceless.  Think about it.  If one task you are doing takes you 4 hours and you ask a person that is tech-savvy if they can help you and you find a better way and it only takes you 2 hours isn’t that worth it?  Maybe you will create a system that is adopted company wide – do you really think that your company wouldn’t be grateful?  Saving time is saving money; I don’t know many people not interested in saving money!


“I don’t want to do more work!”

So, what if you don’t want to get more efficient because then you will have to do more work? That is a common compliant.  You like to work under the Parkinson’s Law – “Work expands to the time allotted”.  This is understandable.  You feel put upon right now.  But what if you could turn that around and welcome the new work because it was interesting?  What if it was interesting?  It can be again.  Remember when you first started and everything was fascinating?  You were overwhelmed but in an entirely different way.  It was fun learning your new job.  You enjoyed the hiccups because it allowed you to learn more to become better at your job.  You didn’t mind the angry emails or customer calls because you were fresh and new and you wanted to help.  I think you can feel that way again.


“I want to like my job.”

It starts by wanting to live differently.  If you are happy with being unhappy by all means continue on, but if there is even a part of you that wants to make a difference then I am here to help.  I provide 1:1 and group facilitating on finding new ways to view your workload and practices to define your strengths and work out a plan to use them so that your level of satisfaction goes up and your spark reappears.  This does not happen overnight.  It is a process and you have to be fully engaged.  I can give you the tools but you must do the work.  You need to be honest with yourself and with me.  If your greatest need is to do customer service and you are currently a file clerk then you need to communicate that wish, nothing can change until you change.  It is possible you could change your mindset so that you viewed your dedication to the files is in fact a great customer service – to your co-workers.  Sometimes that is enough.  You take pride in your own work instead of relying on accolades from others.

Maybe you own your own business and networking exhausts you – there are simple ways to get the word out there without the non-stop events.  Maybe your career is all about the events, then you need to come to terms with the choices you’ve made.  Do not take a job that you know will exhaust you – not just physically, but mentally as well because it is not strength of yours.  If that is the case you will need to possibly leave the job and find something more suited to your personality.  There is no shame in this.  Even if you are leaving a high paying job for a lower paying one, if you are happy that is all that matters.  Because when you are happy everyone around you is happy and isn’t that what life is all about?

My mission is to show you a different kind of lifestyle.  One in which you are excited to get up in the morning and greet the world to contribute who you truly are.  I want a smile on your face not to try to prove everything is ok, but to mean: I am dam happy to participate in this life and I intend on spreading that love to everyone I meet.  The domino effect will be quite incredible – don’t you think?

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